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There’s no doubt deciding the time has come to move into a care home is one of life’s big decisions. But although it’s a big decision, it’s one that can have many positive outcomes. Our experience is that it often helps the elderly frail become more independent and confident, and get more out of life.

Firstly and obviously, you’ll know you will be safe and well looked after. This is not only good for your confidence, but it also helps your relatives’ peace of mind.

Secondly you’ll always have like-minded fellow residents and staff to talk to, which gives you an immediate social network. This is a major benefit as psychologists are increasingly realising the serious and effect loneliness has on our health, particularly in the elderly.

However, whilst the decision may seem urgent, try not to rush into a decision. As you’d expect the attitude and approach of care homes vary, and finding one that suits your way of thinking makes all the difference. Take the time to visit, and maybe even stay for a week to get a proper feel for the place. Check they have an active social programme, ask about menus and have a look at a couple of the rooms. Also talking to the other residents and their relatives in private will give you the detail beyond the brochure.

Or maybe homecare is a better solution for you. We offer a homecare service, so if you want to find out more call us. We absolutely don’t pressure sell.

It’s also a good idea to take advice on financial planning as early as possible. There are several structures available that can help you best manage your finances.

Once you have all the information, sit down with your family to discuss your best options. Remember we willingly offer free, informed and no commitment advice.

Care advice and checklist

Why exclusively private?
Nick Bruce, the co-owner has written a report on why we have chosen to go down the exclusively private route, which you can download here

Why exclusively private?
Frequently asked questions
We answer many of our potential clients questions in more detail in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Nicola Neeson, Registered Manager

Nicola Neeson
Registered Manager

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Lily Keegan
Assistant Manager

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Jane Ballard
Activities Manager

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Holly Englefield
Operations Manager

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Adrienne Tooke
Administration Director

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Liam Tracey

This website gives you an insight into what we do and the way we think. But we believe the best way we can fully understand you as an individual, and you get to know us, is by talking. So call us on 020 8460 2279. We’ll be happy to help your thinking and, without obligation, share the knowledge we have built up in over 30 years of providing elderly care.

If, as is often the case, you are also considering homecare as an option, we also run an extensive homecare service so we can help you with advice there too.