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Caring for a parent in later life

Caring for a parent in later life

It is wonderful that we are living longer and, to us, the quality of later life is everything. However, in all likelihood, we are at some point going to find that our mum or dad may need some form of help to continue to live as fully and happily as possible.

We have been caring for the elderly for 25 years over which time we have come to have a deep understanding of what an emotional time this is for both parent, and you as their child in wanting to do what is best.


What we recommend is that you start to plan before you need to.

It is our experience that it is usually some crisis that determines a change – a fall perhaps or the loss of a partner – which affects the ability or the desire of the remaining parent to continue to live independently.

If your parent has been hospitalised and you need to find a home quickly this puts added pressure on you and your family. Choosing the right kind of care takes time and we tend not to make the best decisions when we are rushed and under pressure. Researching and visiting all the homes in your area takes time and you may have the wishes of other family members to consider. The best homes are often full, and it can be frustrating if you find a home that you and your parent likes but, because of time constraints, are unable to wait for a place to become available.

Whether you are looking to support your parent through Home Care so that they can continue to live at home, respite care to give them a break, or considering the important decision of choosing a Care Home for the longer term, then we hope the information here will help you. We will always be happy to talk to you and give you guidance on the options that are available.

There is often a feeling of guilt when families decide to start exploring options for care. This is natural. What we will say however is that many of our clients enjoy a new lease of life once they come into our care and, when a family member has been providing support, the more normal parent-child relationship returns. Loneliness is a major factor for the elderly along with not eating properly. You may be surprised to learn that many older people are dehydrated as they forget to take on enough fluid during the day, and many are depressed through lack of company. We have seen time and again how clients flourish in a warm caring environment where they make friends, and when they start to have regular nutritious food they have increased energy and zest for life.

We believe in positive ageing and enjoying every phase of life. We do this by making the challenges of growing older easier to bear in a loving and social atmosphere the helps our clients to still positively enjoy life.

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