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Covid-19 News #15

Covid-19 News #15

Newsletter #15 – Monday, 29th June 2020

We remain at Implementation Level Two for both Homes and HomeCare with no Symptomatic Residents, Clients or Staff.                                       

Garden Visits

As promised, we have finalised our thoughts for Garden Visits although, before deciding when they should start, we would appreciate hearing from Family Members with their thoughts. We recognise that it is possible to be too risk averse, with consequential emotional suffering, although if we are insufficiently risk averse we risk letting Covid-19 into the Homes. So please feel free to let us know your thoughts on both our approach to Garden Visits and how we should decide when they start to ensure they are done in the best way for everyone.

We are suggesting the following:

  • Families will book visits in the same way as they do for Drive-Through Visits by arranging a date and time by telephone, and then submitting an Online Declaration for each and every visit stating who the Visitors will be, that they have not had any High-Risk Contacts, and that they are Asymptomatic. We are suggesting that children are not able to visit at this time due to the risk of them acting impulsively, that there are a maximum of two Visitors, for a maximum of Thirty Minutes. There will be a Thirty-Minute Gap between Visits to allow time for cleaning the Visiting Area.
  • On arrival, Visitors should Park Their Car on the road or in the drive, or wait by the road if arriving by foot, and phone the home to Announce Their Arrival. A Member of Staff will come to greet the Visitors, who should be wearing Face Masks, and escort them via the side of the building to the Visiting Area. The Member of Staff will open and close all gates and Visitors should be careful not to touch anything or anyone for the duration of their Visit.
  • If the Visitors are bringing anything for the Resident, it should be handed to the Member of Staff on arrival who will arrange for it to be Wiped Down.
  • The Visiting Area will comprise a Gazebo* in both Homes’ back gardens and positioned close to the side entrances to the gardens to minimise the distance that Visitors have to walk, and thereby minimise the amount of the garden that will have to be sectioned off for this purpose. Yellow Tape will be used to mark the areas reserved for the sole use of Visitors.
  • The Gazebo will contain two plastic chairs and a table for the Visitors, and the table will have a large perspex screen on top of it. We are choosing plastic as they are easy to clean between Visits. The Resident will have their own chair on the other side of the table and a perspex screen set two metres back from the visitors seat. No attempt should be made to make Physical Contact, or talk over or around the perspex screen, although Visitors may remove their mask whilst seated. These should be put back on when it is time to leave. A second Member of Staff will assist the Resident to and from the Visiting Area.
  • Visitors will be offered drinks in Plastic Cups, with the Member of Staff placing these on the table for the Visitors to then pick up, and should not take them directly. At the end of the Visit, Visitors are requested to take away these plastic cups and dispose of them away from the Homes. Visitors will not be able to go into the Homes or to use the toilets, although the Member of Staff will be able to direct them to nearby pubs if needs be.
  • The Member of Staff will remain a discrete distance away to be on hand should the Resident need support, and under no circumstances should Visitors leave their area to help. The Member of Staff’s other role is to ensure everyone understands and Follows the Guidelines, and will advise when the Visit is due to end. The Member of Staff will then escort the Visitors back to their cars, opening and closing any gates on the way.
  • Should a Visitor inadvertently touch anyone or any surface, they should tell the Member of Staff so an appropriate mitigation can be made.

Note*   Richard Bentine kindly offered to convert Nettlestead’s Garden Room for visits, but we felt a fully out-door environment was safer.

Test & Trace

We still have no update on this, but continue to monitor the situation.

Drive-Through Visits

Drive-Through Visits remain available at both Homes.

Jo Leaving

Joanna Nykiel’s last day is this Friday and, whilst we are sad to see her leaving, we are doubly sad that we can’t throw her a farewell party. However, we are very grateful for all that she has done over the last twelve years, and feel sure everyone will want to join us in wishing her the best for the future.


  • Thank you to everyone who completed the KLOE Questionnaires and for your valuable feedback.
  • Many of you will know Shirley Cowie’s husband, George, who turns 90 on 4th August. Sadly he has had to postpone the planned birthday celebrations with family and friends due to Covid-19 and his daughter is arranging for him to have at least 90 Birthday Cards to open on the day and is asking for your help. As George does not receive this Newsletter it will remain a well kept secret. If you would like to post a card to Nettletsead we will forward these to George ahead of the big day!
  • On behalf of the Staff, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support and kind words regarding the care being provided to their loved ones. This goes a long way and continues to keep morale high through what is proving to be a longer haul than we ever first imagined.

Priors Mead

  • A big thank you to all of you who completed the online KLOE Questionnaires at Priors Mead As always we value your feedback and suggestions.
  • Thank you to Stuart Catton, Peggy’s son for your kind words and personal recommendation that resulted in us welcoming Sally to our Priors Mead family last week. Your bottle of wine awaits you and we insist it is yours, despite your suggestion for the staff to have it instead!
  • Those of you that have been enjoying walks in the local area and parks during this pandemic, may have come across hand decorated pebbles, stones and even brightly painted pine cones? This week, Michelle and our Residents will be making their own, which Staff will distribute around the local area. Please let us know, if you can think of anyone who may enjoy finding one made by us and we will endeavour to plan our placing carefully!
  • We have mentioned Michelle, our new Assistant Manager for Activities, but know you have not had the opportunity to meet her yet! So, we would like to invite you to do so on Thursday, 2nd July at 30pm via Zoom. If you are available and would like to join in, please use the following link and enter the Password 888808.



  • We are still chasing delivery of the Home Testing Kits to replace the faulty tests that were returned; it is taking a frustratingly long time.
  • Staff are being encouraged to have Regular Covid-19 Tests and, in addition, Antibody Testing is now available for carers.
  • We continue to keep in touch with those Clients and their Families who chose to Self Isolate and are delighted that they continue to resume their normal visits.


  • We are delighted to say that some of the £600 Million of Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund the Government made available to support Social Care is being made available to Homes in Bromley, and look forward to Reigate catching up.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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