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Easter is upon us

Easter is upon us

Easter is upon us – we love this time of year, spring flowers and blossom on the trees as our beautiful gardens once again stir into life for us all to enjoy.





Family members are welcome any time as you know but on Friday it will be especially nice to welcome family members to join in with Paul, our activity planner and get involved in a range of Easter themed activities. Hats are at the ready with Easter bonnets to be made and Easter cards to create, so stay tuned for pictures to follow! Traditionally, Sunday will feature a church service to keep up the spirit of Easter, and of course, a delicious serving of hot cross buns, Easter eggs and other chocolatey goodies.

Residents at Nettlestead will celebrate on Easter Monday, with a lot of family members expected to join in the fun. We will be organising an Easter egg hunt around our beautiful grounds for the children to join in with, if they are able to distract themselves from the big Easter bunny roaming around.

No, that last bit was not a typo. Our ever inspired, never boring carer Gina will be donning a big fluffy costume to add an element of magic to our younger Easter guests, not to say that a few of us older onlookers won’t be just as entertained!

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