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Echoes of a ‘bingo’

Echoes of a ‘bingo’

You may have heard the distant echoes of a ‘bingo’ call or the steady plucks of a guitar emanating from Nettlestead Bromley Retirement home and we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the man behind the noise.

Stathis joined us at the end of the Summer, taking on the mantle of Assistant Manager in charge of activities. He left his homeland of Greece to study IT & Business in England and fell in love with the country (presumably not the weather) and has stayed here ever since.

Greece’s loss was certainly our gain and the residents of Nightingales have already taken to Stathis’ enthusiasm for fun as he introduced a variety of games and activities. Some of these are purely done for entertainment purposes but some are done for different purposes.

Stathis has adapted a new quiz game in which he will ask residents questions on their backgrounds and hobbies. The game has more rules and ways of winning but, importantly, this is a great tool to combat dementia and helps our new Assistant Manager get to know his residents a little better.

With music afternoons organised both instrumental and vocal, it has been remarked that the only area Stathis has shown room for improvement so far is his dancing..!

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