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Family support

We make it a priority to keep in
regular contact with families...


Family support

Because we believe communication is vital to successful outcomes, we make it a priority to keep in regular contact with families. Your family is welcome to visit us anytime to discuss how things are going, and how we can make changes to improve the quality of life.


In our experience, we find relatives overwhelmingly want the best for their loved ones. But the change in relationship from caring-parent to parent-to-be-cared-for can seem one of the most difficult transitions to deal with. When the time is right, allowing a care home to help can mean that the relationship continues as before, thereby avoiding the frustrations that can emerge when a family member is the carer.

However, finding yourself in this situation is understandable as, until a critical event happens, most people tend to push it to the back of their mind what other options may be available. But there are many positives to making an informed decision.

Advice for you and your relatives

Choosing the right service is important

If, as is often the case, you are also considering homecare as an option, we also run an extensive homecare service so we can help you with advice there too.

We offer a free assessment service where we will come to your home and discuss your exact needs with you and your relatives if you wish, and answer any questions you may have. To arrange your free, unpressured and totally without obligation assessment simply call 020 8460 2279.

Our HomeCare Service

Call us on 020 8460 2279 to for more information or just pop in