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Mothers Day at Nettlestead

Mothers Day at Nettlestead

Obviously mothers should be celebrated everyday but, there is one day of the year reserved especially for that, and it was yesterday. Sons and daughters everywhere took the opportunity to show their mums just how much they mean to them.

This was no different at Nettlestead. If anything, Mother’s Day in our retirement home is extra special because, not only is it such a wonderful congregation of mothers, but they are often grandmothers too. People visited the home throughout the day, popping in, taking loved ones out; enjoying the day together. And with some families stretching across multiple generations, it was the perfect chance for mothers, and their mothers too, to enjoy themselves.


We polished the china and laid on a special spread of teas, cakes and food for everybody to enjoy. During the brief sunny spells, families were able to take advantage of the glorious grounds we are lucky enough to occupy and, for when weather failed to hold out, our British instinct came to the fore with a rainy-day-contingency-plan!

Whether walking, playing board games or simply chatting over some tea and lunch, everybody was able to make the most of Mother’s Day and we were excited to share it with our residents.

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