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News & Activities April 2023

News & Activities April 2023

Message from Nicola

As we move into the 4th month of the year, let me share a fact or two with you.  In Scotland,  April Fools Day was originally called Huntigowk day – gowk being the name for cuckoo or foolish person.

In Ireland it was tradition to entrust the victim with an “important letter” to be given to a named person. That person would read the letter, then ask the victim to take it to someone else and so on. The letter when opened contained the words “send the fool further”  In England, an April fools prank is later revealed by shouting April fool at the recipient, something I enjoyed immensely as a child.

April is also an exciting month for us at Nettlestead as we welcome duckling eggs on the 17th.  We will watch them hatch and care for them before returning them on the 27th where they can spend their days enjoying themselves and splashing about with other ducklings.

A few days after their hatching, we will be welcoming local schools to the home. Not only will this put a smile on our residents’ faces, but also helps the children learn about life cycles.  We welcome you to come and see them, however, if you cannot then photos following their

progress will be posted to our Facebook page.

Lastly, a huge welcome to our new residents, Mr and Mrs Hawkins! It is a pleasure to have you as part of the Nettlestead Family.


Activities for April 2023:

1st –  April Fools Day! –  Let’s discuss our favourite pranks, also it is National Garden Month so we will be planting bulbs!

2nd – Activities corner – arts, crafts, drawing, knitting etc, also live entertainment to be confirmed

3rd – National Chocolate Mousse Day! More bulbs to plant whilst tasting different chocolate mousse!

4th – Vitamin C Day! Keeping healthy with chair exercise along with great music and slow yoga!

5th – Deep Dish Pizza Day! – Hair by Steve in the morning, followed by more bulb planting and PIZZA!

6th – National Siamese Cat Day – Let’s Talk Cats!  Followed by more pet therapy with Diane and Flo

7th – Good Friday – Commemorates the day that Jesus was crucified, talking about religion, followed by Bingo with Chris and Sue.  Prizes to be won!

8th – National Zoo Lovers Day – Discussions around childhood and their favourite animals

9th – Easter Sunday! – Giving and receiving of easter eggs with friends and family

10th – Bank Holiday Monday! – Films in the afternoon

11th – National Pet Day – what is your favourite pet? One to one with the residents, along with great music and slow yoga!

12th – National Licorice Day! – Chair exercise in the morning (one to one), along with yummy grilled cheese sandwiches!

13th – National Scrabble Day! – Pamper in the morning followed by games of scrabble.  Pet therapy will also be joining us again in the afternoon

14th – Bingo with Chris and Sue!

15th – Activities Corner

16th – Activities Corner

17th – Incredible Eggs deliver (in readiness for hatching on 19th/20th) followed by cheese ball dips in the afternoon

18th – National Foot Week! – Foot massages, talk about how important it is to look after our feet.  Slow Yoga with Bernard plus great music to be played!

19th – National Banana Day – Lets go bananas with banana bread and banana split! Also possibly our eggs hatching!

20th – Possible Hatching Day! – More pet therapy with Diane and Flo

21st – National Tea Day, let’s talk Tea! – Pampering in the morning and more Bingo!

22nd – Activities Corner

23rd –  Activities Corner

24th – Pigs in Blankets day, does it really need to be Christmas to enjoy?

25th – Slow Yoga and great music with Bernard!

26th – Hair with Steve as well as yummy pretzels and dip tasters!

27th – We say goodbye to our Ducklings as they head home, but we also have a pampering day!

28th – World Women’s Wellness Day –  More Bingo with Chris and Sue!

29th – Activities Corner

30th – Activities Corner


Please note live entertainment is still to be confirmed.



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