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News & Activities November 2022

News & Activities November 2022


We welcome Nicola Neeson to the team. Nicola is Nettlestead’s new Head of Home Manager and we’re excited to welcome the knowledge and experience you will bring to the team. Please don’t hesitate to say a big Hello.



Congratulations to Holly Englefield on her recent promotion to Operations Manager. Holly has developed her skills and knowledge to support Nightingales in multiple areas including HomeCare and Homes. Holly will still be actively present within Nettlestead on a weekly basis so please feel free to keep in contact if you have any questions.

Farewell to Katherine Flitter on her recent news of leaving Nettlestead and her position of Senior Assistant Manager. Katherine has served Nightingales for the past 6 years and will be sadly missed within the Nightingales Team. We congratulate Katherine on her next challenge and chapter within her life. Nightingales fully supports Katherines pathway and would like to thank her for her dedication and support she’s provided.

We appreciate this is a lot of news to share with loved ones and understand this may leave some questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to either Holly or Katherine, as always we will always be transparent with our clients and loved ones in providing any reassurance needed.



We love and appreciate hearing your feedback and reviews and ask if you could spare a few minutes to post a five star review on There is also a bottle of wine for all those who publish their review, we will even provide a straw for the wine!

A huge THANK YOU to those family members who have and continue to already submitted theirs 🙂



We continue to ask all families to kindly carry on wearing masks when in the home  to minimise the risks. We are no longer taking bookings and you are able to freely come by as you please. Please note, we continue to ask that all family members coming into the home continue to sign in using our tablet system.

Activities – November dates for the diary

1st – Bingo with Jane from 2pm, prizes to be won!

2nd – Liam joins us for a spectacular singing performance from 3pm – 4pm.

3rd – Outing with Jane to Ruxley Manor from 3pm.

4th – Quizzes and Bingo with Chris and Sue from 2pm; Prizes to be won! Chair exercises with Chris from 4pm.

7th – All things Music with Jane alongside Colouring and one to one chats from 2pm.

8th – Slow Yoga from 2:30pm in the lounge. Challenge your mind with Jane’s Quizzes from 3pm.

9th – Movie Afternoon – Little Women (Three sisters in 1860’s making their way through life and the passions of becoming a writer) Please join us in the lounge from 4pm for the screening.

10th – Poppy Decorating with Jane from 2pm. Nails and Hand Massages with Jane from 3pm.

11th – Bingo with Chris and Sue from 2pm; Prizes to be won!

13th – Please join us in the Lounge for Remembrance Sunday Service from 11am.

14th – National Pickle Day! Please join Jane in the lounge from 3pm for all things Pickle including Gherkins, Chunky Pickle, Picalliali and of course some cheese.

15th – Slow Yoga from 2pm in the lounge. Stephen joins us again for another fantastic singing session from 3pm.

16th – Crosswords and Quizzes with Jane from 2pm; Who has what it takes?

17th – Now that’s what we call music! Sing- a -longs with Jane from 2pm. All things sweet with Jane from 4pm; Cupcake Decorating.

18th – Bowling with Chris and Jane; Prizes to be won!

21st – Nails and Pamper afternoon with Jane. Youtube Soundtrack, please give Jane your music requests beforehand.

22nd – Slow Yoga from 2:30pm in the lounge. Board Games with Jane from 4pm; Prizes to be won.

23rd – Santino joins us alongside his wonderful guitar for another wonderful performance; Please join us in the lounge from 3pm.

24th – Outing with Jane to Polhill from 2pm.

25th – All things colourful with Chris and Sue from 2pm; Painting and colouring.

28th – Outing with Jane (Weather permitting); Drive to Greenwich park from 2pm.

29th – Slow Yoga from 2:30pm in the lounge. Wine and Cheese tasting afternoon with Jane from 4pm.

30th – It’s that time again… CHRISTMAS CARDS with Jane from 2pm.


Some entertainers are due to get back to use with dates and times, please note dates could change or be added.

For anything related to the activities (ideas, questions, information), please do not hesitate to contact Jane at Any ideas for activities you would like to see more of please let me know!



If you have family members that live far away or you are on holiday and cannot see your loved ones, we do have a Skype address/Facetime. Find us on Please let us know if this is something you wish for us to arrange.


From us all here at Nettlestead x

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