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News & Activities November 2023

News & Activities November 2023

Goodbye October and Hello November! – As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, the cooler weather is upon us.  Remember to take care and wrap up to stay warm.  November, the penultimate month of the year, brings with it a significant array of events.

First, we commemorate Guy Fawkes Night, which marks the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

We pay our respects this month on Remembrance Day, honouring those who sacrificed their lives in the Line of Duty.



Activities for November 2023:

Wednesday 1st November – Artistic and handcrafted activities to commemorate

Armistice Day on 11th November, followed by another visit from Steve perfecting our hair!

Thursday 2nd November –  An exciting Outing to divulge in delicious tea and cake!

Friday 3rd November – An afternoon filled with exciting Bingo and numerous prizes up for grabs!

Saturday 4th November – Spending the afternoon with Bella, engaging in arts and crafts activities!

Sunday 5th November – Join the Bonfire Night Celebration – a warm welcome awaits everyone!

Monday 6th November –  Exhilarating shopping spree this afternoon, time to hit the stores and discover some fantastic finds!

Tuesday 7th November – Our residents will unwind with a rejuvenating Slow Yoga session led by Ciara followed by raising a toast to celebrate National Merlot Day complemented with delightful nibbles!

Wednesday 8th November – Get ready to savour every sip on National Cappuccino

Day as we will embark on a coffee and cake adventure! Followed by Steve working his magic once again on our hair.  A day of caffeinated indulgence and pampering the residents will not forget!

Thursday 9th November – Prepare for an electrifying night of live music as Paul takes the stage, serenading us with timeless classics from Rat Pack!

Friday 10th November – Get ready for another thrilling round of Bingo hosted by the dynamic duo Chris and Sue, more exciting prizes up for grabs!

Saturday 11th November – Armistice Day 1918       – At precisely 11AM on the 11th day of the 11th month, we come together to honour and remember alongside our residents.

Sunday 12th November – Remembrance Day   – Our residents will have the opportunity to watch the service, graced by senior members of the Royal Family

Monday 13th November – Celebrating National Pizza Day in style! Creating our favourite pizzas with all the best toppings our residents desire, washed down with refreshing beer for the ultimate Pizza Party Experience!

Tuesday 14th November – An ultimate relaxation and pamper day, firstly Ciara will lead a session of Slow Yoga followed by a delightful manicure session with Jane.  A perfect combination of self care and rejuvenation!

Wednesday 15th November – Another thrilling adventure out in the car and to top it off, Steve will be popping by for another hair pampering session!

 Thursday 16th November – Residents will enjoy a refreshing afternoon of pampering with luxurious facials and gorgeous manicures!

Friday 17th November – Residents will have another thrilling afternoon with Chris and Sue filled with laughter and lots of fun!

Saturday 18th November -the wonderful Liam joins us with a musical set that we all love and tap our feet to!

Sunday 19th November – Mellowing down after a packed out week in our Activity Corner to read books and solving intriguing puzzles – a thrilling intellectual adventure!

Monday 20th November – Residents will join in on another unforgettable and fun trip to Ruxley Manor!

 Tuesday 21st November – Indulging in a serene Slow Yoga session with Ciara followed by fun gingerbread making, savouring warm cookies and relishing a delicious milkshake – the perfect recipe for a fantastic time!

Wednesday 22nd November – Firstly the residents will enjoy a delightful excursion for tea and cake, followed by Steve putting his hairdressing magic into place once again!

Thursday 23rd November – Anna joins to serenade our residents with classic tunes from the 1940s/1950s, additionally our residents will also have the choice to select their all time favourite songs that they wish to listen to!

Friday 24th November – Chris and Sue join us to entertain our residents, packed with engaging quizzes and interactive games for a barrel of fun!

Saturday 25th November  – Another exciting afternoon with Bella awaits, featuring a delightful blend of arts and crafts and entertaining games!

Sunday  26th November – More fun and memories to be made in our lively Activity Corner!

Monday 27th November – Joe joins us for an electrifying musical experience as he will perform all the beloved tunes that our residents enjoy!

Tuesday 28th November  – Ciara joins us for our residents to unwind with Slow Yoga, complemented by soothing head massages and revitalising facials!

Wednesday 29th November – Jane will be taking the residents out and about, including another exciting shopping experience!

Thursday 30th November – Indulging in a delicious afternoon filled with savouries of ham, cheese, olives, dips and fresh bread with a lovely glass of wine, all before unwinding to the sounds of our residents favourite music and enjoying classic films!




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