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News & Activities October 2023

News & Activities October 2023

We hope everybody had a fantastic September!  A special and warm welcome to our new resident, Irene, staying with us for respite and another lovely welcome to our new carers Fatima and Alison!  Additionally, we are really pleased that Ron has decided to stay with us permanently.



Sunday 1st October – Join us for an International Coffee Day (morning) celebration! All family and friends are more than welcome to join us.

Monday 2nd October – The residents will embark on an exciting trip to Ruxley Manor with Jane and Debbie to procure pots and bulbs for an upcoming residents’ planting activity.

Tuesday 3rd October – An enjoyable and invigorating session of Slow Yoga with Keira!

Wednesday 4th October -Haircut session with Steve: precision cuts, stunning perms and flawless blow dries! Not forgetting to mention Cinnamon Bun Day! – baking, delightful teas and aromatic coffee!

Thursday 5th October – Engaging in the joyful activities of planting bulbs and plants, complemented by delightful snacking and wine tasting!

Friday 6th October – Lively Bingo for the residents with Chris and Sue!

Saturday 7th October – An afternoon filled with exciting and enjoyable activities awaits with Bella!

Sunday 8th October – Spending a delightful day in the garden, promising relaxation and outdoor bliss!

Monday 9th October – International Pizza and Beer Day! A great experience ahead for the residents with making their own pizzas, washed down with beer!

Tuesday 10th October – National Cake Baking Day – Indulging in the delightful experience of baking and tasting scrumptious treats!

Wednesday 11th October – National Take Parents to Lunch and Supper Day – we invite you along for a delightful gathering of food and drink. Your presence will make it even more enjoyable!

Thursday 12th October – Live Music – residents getting their ‘boogy’ on!

Friday 13th October – B I N G O! Another entertaining session with a chance to win fabulous prizes

Saturday 14th October – Enjoying activities with Bella: a day filled with adventure, bonding and unforgettable moments!

Sunday 15th October – Activity Corner – where fun and creativity come to life!

Monday 16th October – Allen from Bromley Parish graces us with his presence for insightful prayers and engaging chats, enriching the day with spiritual and meaningful connections

Tuesday 17th October – Indulging in a relaxing day of self care, which starts with Slow Yoga, followed by pampering manicures and facials with Jane

Wednesday 18th October– National Pasta Day – Celebrating in style for National Pasta Day! Perfect excuse to tuck in to your favourite pasta dish!

Thursday 19th October – Chocolate Cupcake Day! Preparing freshly made cupcakes, what is your favourite cupcake?!

Friday 20th October – An exciting Bingo session with the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Saturday 21st October – Another extra fun session to be made with Bella with lots of different activities for the residents to engage in

Sunday 22nd October – Yet another enjoyable gathering at Activity Corner!

Monday 23rd October – Alan from Bromley Parish pays us a visit to to engage in meaningful conversation and share thoughts

Tuesday 24th October – Nacho Day! Enjoying the fun day of eating nachos but then winding down with some more Slow Yoga!

Wednesday 25th October – World Opera Day – Celebrating the beauty and artistry of what Opera has to offer, enjoying and embracing the breathtaking performances, followed by Steve paying us another visit for hair dos to be created

Thursday 26th October – Decorating for Halloween – Residents getting into the ‘spoooky’ spirit of Halloween… (Muahahaha!)

Friday 27th October – Live Music – residents getting their ‘boogy’ on!

Saturday 28th October – Halloween Party – Prepare for a night of thrills, chills and ghoulish delights. Pick your best costume and get ready to scare! Eerie surprises awaits…

Sunday 29th October – Additional activities in the Activity Corner await!

Monday 30th October – Allen returns to grace us with heartfelt prayers and engaging conversations, not forgetting another enjoyable day out with Jane, promising a day of adventure, laughter and great company!

Tuesday 31st October – Pumpkin Painting – residents unleashing their creativity skills to make the best pumpkin. May the best Pumpkin win!

Please note live entertainment is still to be confirmed.



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