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The Nightingales Waysarah bruce

Sarah Bruce is now a non-executive director and the co-founder of Nightingales with her husband Nick.

Over what will soon be forty years, we have learnt that what makes us feel good about what we do is having clear foundations that we can hold ourselves to. We call these The Nightingales Way.

The Nightingales Way: Our Seven Guiding Principles

**Family Ethos**: At Nightingales, everyone is treated as part of our We extend kindness and compassion to customers, their families, and our colleagues, ensuring a warm, familial atmosphere.

**Owner’s Mindset**: As a Founder-Employee Owned company, we all share in the pride and responsibility of This mindset keeps us focused on delivering excellent service.

**Solid Foundations**: Our work is grounded in understanding, fairness, innovation, honesty, and We believe that by prioritising these values, we create a sustainable and effective service.

**Focused Expertise**: We specialise in caring for privately-funded This allows us to provide a bespoke, high-quality service tailored to each individual’s needs.

**Personal Recognition**: We see every individual as unique, not just a This approach fosters a personal connection and is why we prefer internal promotions to maintain our ethos.

**Thinking Win-Win**: While our customers are our top priority, we also highly value our We strive for excellence by ensuring that our team is as satisfied and fulfilled as our clients.

**Learning and Growth**: We believe in continuous Feedback from colleagues, customers, and families is crucial for us to maintain high standards and keep evolving.

These seven steps define the Nightingales Way, guiding us in providing exceptional care and service.