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Advice for you and your relatives

Like any decision you make, the better informed the more confident you will be with your choice...

Advice for you

How can you help your loved one
to make the right choice?...

Advice for your relatives

Care advice and checklist

Why exclusively private?
Nick Bruce, the co-owner has written a report on why we have chosen to go down the exclusively private route, which you can download here

Why exclusively private?
Frequently asked questions
We answer many of our potential clients questions in more detail in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Holly Englefield, Head of Home

Holly Englefield
Head of Home

Katherine Flitter, Senior Assistant Manager

Katherine Flitter
Senior Assistant Manager

Jane Ballard, Activities Manager

Jane Ballard
Activities Manager

This website gives you an insight into what we do and the way we think. But we believe the best way we can fully understand you as an individual, and you get to know us, is by talking. So call us on 020 8460 2279. We’ll be happy to help your thinking and, without obligation, share the knowledge we have built up in over 30 years of providing elderly care.

If, as is often the case, you are also considering homecare as an option, we also run an extensive homecare service so we can help you with advice there too.