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Why Choose Nettlestead Care Home in Bromley?

Why us

As a family-owned care home in Bromley, with more than thirty years experience, we understand that being small and only caring for people with complimentary needs is the only way to ensure the best quality of life for our clients.

This is supported by both research and common sense which shows that being with others who have different care needs causes stress which can adversely affect both our health and quality of life.

Why small is beautiful

The keys to a successful move

Ensuring the move to the home goes well is key to a successful transition, and we work hard to make sure it is completed with the minimum of drama.  To achieve this we ensure we focus on a number of key measures that can be taken to smooth the way, and we make sure we excel at each of them.

The transition to residential care

Care and activities built around you

One of these key areas is activities, and we make sure our clients always have something to look forward to. We even have our own Residents Car so going out can be an everyday occurrence rather than an occasional pleasure.


A home to be proud of

We also realise we don’t need to look or feel like a hospital in order to care for people.  Pretty much all our fixtures and fittings you would be pleased to see in your own home, with any necessary supports carefully disguised or blended in – even our call bell system is silent.  You will also find complimentary quality wine and sherry to turn our delicious homemade meal choices into an occasion.

Another example of our transparency is we take the time to keep you and your relatives informed, with regular reviews and updates.

Motivated staff

Like John Lewis, we believe team members who have a share in an enterprise are much more motivated to deliver higher standards. That’s why we are migrating towards employee ownership. This means that it is in the interests of every member of the team to make sure your needs are exactly met. But we don’t just rely on staff who think like owners. We also take the time to select staff with the right empathetic attitude to care, and train them to the highest standards.

Employee Ownership

Meet the team

Lily Keegan

Lily Keegan
Head of Home

Jane Ballard

Jane Ballard
Activities Manager

Holly Englefield

Holly Englefield
Operations Manager

Adrienne Tooke

Adrienne Tooke
Administration Director

Liam Tracey

Liam Tracey

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