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News & Activities January 2024

News & Activities January 2024

“Out with the old and in with the new…”

A traditional saying as we close the door on the previous year and open another for the new one.

Here at Nettlestead, we have had a fantastic 2023. We have made many happy memories throughout the year with residents and their families and we intend to create many more this following year.

From all of us here at Nettlestead, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous new year.

We celebrated Jeanne’s birthday in December!

Santa paid us all a lovely visit as we were all on the nice list!


Activities for January 2024:

Please note our Hairdresser Steve Joins us every Wednesday for haircuts/blow dry and restyling and every Monday a communion with Alan from Bromley Parish visits


Monday 1st January – Celebrating the arrival of the New Year! (Fun fact!), did you know January takes its name from Janus – the Roman God symbolising fresh starts and new beginnings.

Tuesday 2nd January  – Unwinding with the soothing practice of Slow Yoga with Ciara

Wednesday 3rd January  – It’s World International Day! Observing all different nations across the globe… Following that, there’s a planned outing with Jane  – keep in mind that the location is yet to be confirmed

Thursday 4th January – Celebrate National Spaghetti Day! What is your favourite spaghetti? Followed by a luxurious afternoon of pampering with facials and massages, finishing the exciting day  off with a delightful Spaghetti Supper!

Friday 5th January – Don’t miss National Bird’s Day, appreciating the diverse avian wonders that inhabit our world… residents will then join in for an exciting game of Bingo with Chris and Sue!

Saturday 6th January – Get ready for the excitement of National Shortbread Day! Residents will join us to decorate delicious biscuits.  After indulging in sweet delights, residents will gear up for a fun afternoon with Bella, engaging in a variety of activities! – guaranteed to be a blast!

Sunday 7th January – Spicing up the day with a myriad of activities!

Monday 8th January – Celebrating National English Toffee Day! with a tantalising array of toffee tastings! Indulging in the rich flavours of various toffee before embarking on an another thrilling trip out with Jane and Chris – please note the destination is still to be confirmed

Tuesday 9th January – Ciara joins us again for our residents to unwind with more Slow Yoga!

Wednesday 10th January – Ultimate pampering experience with Jane’s exquisite massages and manicures

Thursday 11th January – It is National Hot Toddy Day! – “A warm and soothing drink perfect for chilly nights, this classic beverage is a delightful combination of spices, honey, and whiskey”  – Residents will indulge in some tastings along with some fantastic live music!

Friday 12th January –Residents will get involved with the delicious sweetness of National Marzipan Day, spicing up the excitement of a fun round of Bingo!

Saturday 13th January – Bella hosts another fun afternoon with a variety of activities for the residents to participate in!

Sunday 14th January – Our residents will have another exciting engagement with a variety of thrilling activities!

Monday 15th January – Savouring the excitement of National Bagel Day! A delightful session where we will discuss and craft personalised bagels with their favourite fillings, followed by a sweet indulgence of strawberry and ice cream..  What a tasty day!

Tuesday 16th January – Literally spicing up the day on International Hot and Spicy Day, residents will join for a flavourful curry supper, other alternatives will be offered if spicy food is not to their liking

Wednesday 17th January –Celebrating National Cheese Day, our residents will have a cheese tasting supper where they can indulge in a variety of artisanal cheeses.  Delightful evening for cheese enthusiasts and food connoisseurs! 

Thursday 18th January – More adventures out with Jane, the destination is yet to be revealed! More wonderful memories to be made!

Friday 19th January – Fun filled afternoon with more friendly competition on who can shout BINGO first!

Saturday 20th January – Bella hosts another wonderful afternoon for our wonderful residents to engage in more activities

Sunday 21st January – A delightful session filled with colours, imagination and the joy of crafting

Monday 22nd January – Turning up the heat and whipping our mixing bowls for a Brownie Making Extravaganza, residents will embark on a hands-on session creating decadent, chocolatey delights!

Tuesday 23rd January – Mellowing down in another relaxing and calm session of Slow Yoga with Ciara

Wednesday 24th January – More joyous memories to be made on another wonderful trip out in the car!

Thursday 25th January – Virtual journey of armchair experience accompanied with our residents favourite snacks and drinks! Immersing in the sights and sounds of fascinating destinations in the comfort of an armchair!

Friday 26th January – A thrilling afternoon to be had for all with Chris and Sue, filled with laughter and lots of fun!

Saturday 27th January – Spending the afternoon with Bella, engaging in more arts and crafts activities!

Sunday 28th January – Fun and memories to be made in our amazing Activity Corner.

Monday 29th January – Our residents will be venturing out in the afternoon again with Jane – destination to still be confirmed

Tuesday 30th January – Unwinding with the soothing practice of Slow Yoga

Wednesday 31st January – National Hot Chocolate Day with a cosy twist! Delightful pairing of hot chocolate, buttery croissants and our all time favourite films! Perfect recipe for a warm indulgent day.



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