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News & Activities June 2023

News & Activities June 2023

Welcome to June everyone!

Just a little reminder to everyone of our Fundraising Quiz Night that is taking place on Friday 16th June at 7pm. We are fundraising on behalf of the Stroke Association and I look forward to welcoming you to our event.

I held my first residents meeting in May and it was found to be beneficial. I plan for the next one to happen in August, however my door is always open.

As soon as I have a date confirmed, I will email you all inviting you.


Activities for June 2023:

1st – National Olive Day! – hummus and olives provided also!
2nd – Fish and Chips Day!
3rd – Afternoon with Bella – including puzzles and games etc
4th – Activity Corner
5th – Sausage Roll and Ginger Bread Day! – Residents decorating their own gingerbread!
6th – D Day 1944 – We will remember with stories and memories
7th – National Great Outdoors Month! – enjoying the outdoors followed by Hair with Steve
8th – A fun road trip out!
9th – Bingo and prizes with Chris and Sue
10th – Another afternoon with Bella with more games and crafts!
11th – Activity Corner
12th – Pamper Afternoon with Jane, including manicures and facials
13th – Another Slow Yoga Session with Bernard
14th – Steve visits us again for another hair session followed by Joe Singing in the afternoon!
15th – A fun trip out with Jane to Ruxley!
16th – Another fun session of Bingo with more games and prizes to be won!
17th – Afternoon with Bella, arts crafts and games to enjoy!
18th – Fathers Day, sharing memories with our Father’s
19th – Allen Clergy calls from Clergy followed by another trip out in the car!
20th – Bernard does Slow Yoga with popular music. Followed by delicious Vanilla Milkshakes!
21st – Cherry Tart Day and Peaches and Cream Day! yummy desserts to indulge in!
22nd – Chocolate Eclair Day! Indulging in eclairs along with manicures with Jane in the afternoon
23rd – Santino joins us to sign between 3-4PM
24th – Afternoon with Bella enjoying more arts and crafts
25th – Activity Corner
26th – Another enjoyable day out in the car
27th – Bernard pops by for another fun session of Slow Yoga!
28th – Hair with Steve with some yummy tea and scones in the garden
29th – Chocolate Pudding Day! What do you like, Ice cream or custard?
30th – Liam joins us again for another session of singing our residents favourite songs!

Please note live entertainment is still to be confirmed.

Take a look at some lovely memories made back in May:

Care in Bromley



We love and appreciate hearing your feedback and reviews and ask if you could spare a few minutes to post a five star review on There is also a bottle of wine for all those who publish their review. A huge THANK YOU to those family members who have already submitted theirs and we hope you enjoyed your wine! A reminder that suggestions are also welcome, please share them with us by emailing



If you have family members that live far away or you are on holiday and cannot see your
loved ones, we do have a Skype address/Facetime. Find us on
Please let us know if this is something you wish for us to arrange.

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