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Covid-19 News #36

Covid-19 News #36

Newsletter #36 – Monday, 23rd November 2020.

Nettlestead and Priors Mead are both at Implementation Level Two and HomeCare has one Client and two Carers Self-Isolating.

Can You Help Please

We appreciate that the Pandemic has been kind to very few companies, but we still have Vacancies in both Homes which we are obviously keen to fill. We also have capacity for more Clients at HomeCare. Many Potential Residents and Clients depend on Online Referral Sites to decide which homes or services to approach. However, there seems to be an inverse correlation between how good a home or service is and how highly they are rated; unfortunately, our industry has not escaped the plague of paid-for reviews.   If you feel able to counter this by giving us a 5 Star Review of our service, this would be very much appreciated:-)

Priors Mead Testing

We are delighted to report that everyone, Staff and Residents, is testing Negative at Priors Mead and, now that the one Resident’s Self-Isolation has ended, the Home has returned to normal, or at least as normal as the Pandemic allows.

HomeCarer Positive

Similarly, the Covid-Positive Staff Member continues to recover well, with the only Client they had contact with continuing to Test Negative.


General Testing in both Homes is continuing as normal with all results being Negative. We have also had good news in that we are to be supplied with Home Testing Kits sufficient for all HomeCare Staff to be tested weekly.

Pods and Visiting

The Nettlestead Pod has progressed well, although we continue to have problems at Priors Mead due to the construction workers doing the job having to take time off for health reasons. The builder understands the urgency and is doing all he can to find alternative workers, as are we. Kirsty has arranged for another builder to visit today to advise if they can do the work at Priors Mead as a matter of urgency, and Holly is speaking with a family member who may be able to finish the Pod at Nettlestead. We do appreciate how important the Visiting Pods are until normal visiting can resume, and are doing all we can to make this happen as quickly as possible. We are also keeping a close eye on the government’s intention to allow In-Home Visits prior to Christmas and will report back as soon as we have further information on this.


  • Our Christmas Tree and festive decorations have been put up today 🙂
  • Residents will be making GingerBread Houses with Jane this week.
  • We celebrated Marion’s 90th Birthday last week – congratulations!
  • Jane has arranged for us to participate in #heartsforschools over the coming weeks, where Residents will be Drawing and Writing Poems for local schools, who will then respond to us through #heartsforhomes.

Priors Mead

  • At the beginning of last week, whilst still in Isolation, we put together some Isolation Packs for our Residents to help keep them occupied. These contained a note from Carers, some adult colouring in pages, a word search, crossword and a sweet treat. Whilst appreciated, I think everyone was pleased when Isolation ended on Wednesday and life returned to our ‘new normal’.
  • We too are taking part in #heartsforschools aiming to share some inter-generational joy between our Residents and local children. The project starts with our Residents decorating a Paper Heart in any way they like to share with a local primary school.
  • We are very pleased to be supporting one of our ResidentsRelatives in obtaining donations for a local food bank; if you would like to contribute please do drop items off on the doorstep in a box or plastic bag. We need any contributions by the 4th December
  • Plans are in place to turn Priors Mead into a Christmas Wonderland (including two Christmas Trees!) this weekend – all part of our plan to make this the best Christmas ever, and to bring 2020 to a festive close.


  • We have had the pleasure of welcoming a new Client who joined us at the end of last week.
  • We also have another two Clients whose care will be starting soon.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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